Why I Want To Visit New York

Lavanda Michelle

Oh America! Out of the 19,000+ cities in the United States.  I can think of one in particular I’d like to visit! New York. New York City to be exact. Its the most populous city in America, with about 8.6 Million people there. I want to go because of 3 reasons. The art, the food, and the celebrities!
Art is very abundant in New York. In fact people used to, and still go there to “make it big.” New York is home to many designers, painters, writers, and many more types of artists. I’d love to have some of my photos showcased in a gallery there! So many people would see it.
The food is another attraction for tourist, and for myself. New York has famous cheesecake, pizza, bagels, and other foods! Did you know that Eggs Benedict and the English Muffin were invented in NYC? Its also…

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